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gimbal clamp

  1. C

    Crashed, now gimbal is obstructed

    I had my first flight yesterday on my Mavic Pro and one of the propellers wasn't locked in all the way. Before the drone got 3ft off the ground the propellor flew off and the mavic crashed. I now get that awful "gimbal motor overlad" warning when the gimbal tries to calibrate. It seems the...
  2. J

    First Crash! (OMG my precious mavic turn into mavic kamikaze into moving traffic)

    The steps towards my first crash. horrible 23 of my piloting experience. 1. someone in the car with me really irritates me I was soaked in his negative energy lol 2.Thus I pull over on the side of the road in the national park forest, very little to no car, 2-way traffic. (I need to set...
  3. Mavic_Ward

    Always forgetting to remove the **** gimbal lock

    I don't know what it is about me, but I seem to forget to remove the **** gimbal lock more times than not. Does anyone have any tips to help me remember? A "remove before flight" flag or perhaps just actually going over my preflight checklist? What do you use to help you remember?
  4. A

    Gimbal Hanging by a Thread (or rubber bands)

    All who already have used their Mavics... I finally got mine. Removed the Gimbal Clamp and started it up. The Gimbal mount hangs literally by threads or rubber bands. This is different from the Phantom and Inspire Series I both own. Is this normal? The gimbal literally wobbles around on...
  5. N

    Hard to remove gimbal clamp

    Hey all. I just received my refresh (finally), and I'm finding the gimbal clamp very hard to remove. On my last one (before I broke it and had to refresh) the gimbal clamp slid off pretty easily (but not too easily).. On this one I have to use so much force that when it finally pops upward and...
  6. LakeTravis

    Gimbal Clamp Issue/Question

    I'm all clear on making sure the gimbal is under the tabs and such. My question relates to how well the camera stays locked into the gimbal clamp itself. There is clearly a little opening/groove in the clamp where the camera has a protrusion that slides in, but it NEVER stays... just kind of...