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gimbal protection

  1. R

    Does the Mavic Gimbal Board Guard 3K Carbon Fiber Protective Plate Gimbal Protector work?

    Does anyone have experience using the "Mavic Gimbal Board Guard 3K Carbon Fiber Protective Plate Gimbal Protector" that can be found online in a number of places? I'm specifically interested in the protective qualities for the gimbal. This product looks interesting...
  2. B

    Gimbal Clamp Replacement in 30 secs for FREE

    Lost the gimbal clamp for the new Mavic Pro within the 1st week at the park. The clear transparent thing was impossible to locate in the grassy knoll. Googled for a replacement and found a couple of options on eBay. One of them offered a $15 ripoff .... then wait for 2 weeks for delivery. It...
  3. albbal

    How not to forget the plastic part used to hold the gimbal

    Hello just to share this small tip just make a hole in the plastic part (part who block the gimbal during transport) use a small metal ring in the hole and use a ribbon into the ring and make a knot (and you can easily put on it the general round plastic protection a red ribbon is easy to...