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gimbal roll

  1. F

    Mavic Air gimbal roll (horizon level).. GO 4 vs Litchi

    I've searched through the forums and haven't found a real answer to this one yet. Litchi support seems non-existent as well. I've noticed that my MA has a slight roll in the gimbal and is off horizon level. With DJI GO 4 this is really easy to correct while flying. I have yet to figure out if...
  2. M

    Gimbal Roll value

    Dear community. I purchased my mavic from someone. Today I found out that the setting was at -0.5 at the gimbal roll. Shouldn't it be 0.0 if everything was okay? Thank you in advance.
  3. jtcfilms

    Horizon Tilt regardless of Gimbal Roll Adjustment mid flight

    Hi pilots, I just got the mavic recently and am having constant horizon tilt issues. I've done all calibrations and even adjust the gimbal roll mid flight and once I turn the horizon tilts again. Im in follow mode and not FPV either. Its driving me crazy. I've read several other threads about...
  4. C

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Roll

    So when I have my gimbal roll at 0.0 my camera is completely sideways. I have adjust the gimbal roll to 4.8 for it to be level but it used to be at 3.8. I feel it keep tilting farther and farther even after gimbal calibration. After I go to 0.0 and calibrate it's straight right after it finishes...