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gimbal tilt malfunction

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    Gimbal is tilted but NOT stuck

    Hey all! The gimbal on my mini 2 always tilts to the right. It doesn't get stuck, it works keeping the image flat when I fly my mini sideways, but the horizon is always slightly unlevel. Tried calibrating it a few times, also did the IMU calibration, doesn't help — at first the horizon is...
  2. G

    MPP yaw motion 'hesitates' when releasing gimbal tilt control

    My Mavic Platinum Pro video jumps at the end of a gimbal tilt (up or down) while also yawing, every time. You can see (and hear) the drone hesitate in its yaw action when this happens. Thought this was a gimbal issue, and had drone replaced with a new one. Same issue with brand new drone...
  3. C

    Dail callibration failed

    Hello guys, I just bought the Mavic Pro one day before I left to Scotlanbut and now that I'm in beautiful Scotland I found out that my gimbal dail isn't working at all. Trying to callibrate the controller results in a "Callibration Failed: Timeout when the software waited for dails (left...
  4. M

    Gimbal only tilts in the 90 and 0 degree position

    Hey folks, This is my first forum post and I think it's worth it. Firstly- I have 3 Feiyu-Tech gimbals at home so I know my way around gimbal operations. I received my Mavic Pro 3 days ago. I updated the firmware before the first flight. I noticed after my first flight that the gimbal would...