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  1. D

    How to change map view in the GO4 app

    I fly the Mavic 2 Pro. My map view in the GO 4 app is currently Roadmap (attachment 001). Is it possible to change it to Satellite view (attachment 002) or something similar? Thx.
  2. D

    Why am I seeing -22.3 feet when the drone is at about 5 feet altitude?

    Hello. I have a Mavic 2 Pro. When I flew today I had problems with the Flight Telemetry info in the GO4 App. I manually set the home point, the drone was sitting on the helipad, I was standing 18 feet away holding the RC. As shown in the first screenshot, D says 5.8 feet, and the Home Point...
  3. I

    IF You fly DJIGO4 app with iOS Check this setting NOW!

    Save your self some pain. IF You fly DJIGO4 app with iOS Check this setting NOW! It could save you a wasted trip/embarressment. Defo needs to be part of any flyers preflight BEFORE leaving civilisation.
  4. S

    Newbie Help - Video Feed Bad

    Hi, I am new to the Mavic series (purchased one just a few days ago) it is pre owned and is my very first drone. I am having issues with the video feed on the GO4 app. The videos on the SD card are fine but the videos cached on the phone are not just low-res (which would be normal but just near...
  5. CarlosCN

    GO4 vs. Litchi

    Can you please provide your comments, comparing GO4 and Litchi apps for M2Z? Would it influence the DJI goggle? Thanks
  6. P

    Intelligent flight mode help!

    First off I'm using the galaxy Note 8. I know dji go4 works better on ios. I've seen videos of users flying the mavic pro and using multiple different flight modes. The newer ones at that. Yet my drone is updated and I don't see any of them. I have the base modes that were there when I bought...
  7. TerryJ

    Can anybody recommend a cheap 7" tablet that works well with the mavic pro?

    I need a larger screen because I'm blind but refuse to pay big bucks for a tablet. I know there are a few lower priced tablets that work perfect with the go4 app and mavic. Recommendations PLEASE!!
  8. M

    Is there a way to... ?

    I finally decided to stop "upgrades"... or better to say, to "roll back" to the following configs. Mavic Firmware : v01.03.0700 (reverted with DJ Assistant, when still was possible) Ipad Mini: DJI GO 4 App iOS v4.0.8 (some deal, to download v4.0.8 ipa file on PC) Huawey P8: DJI GO 4 App...
  9. J

    Black screen/ no transmission signal

    hi, bought a mavic last week from apple and took it out yesterday to fly. I had trouble connecting to the go4 app but eventually got there (the activation kept failing). Got it flying but the video stream to my phone (iPhone 7 plus) was half cut off. So today i took the drone back to apple and...
  10. Skyler King III

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me"

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me" It came up with a message about "poor satellite reception" or something like that and would not let me to follow me. Latest version of Go 4 and latest firmware on Mavic and controller. I was using iPhone 7 Plus. Any ideas? YES...
  11. mlaczek

    Firmware downgrade with go4 app question

    Hi pilots, i would like to try downgrade my Mavic, and RC with go4 app. i have to use go4 app and my phone for downgrade, because at home i have just wifi internet connection, and always when i try to downgrade, the wifi stick in my PC lost the connection with the router. i found a video on...
  12. flyNfrank

    DJI GO4 App Update 4.0.5 [android]

    What's New Mavic: -Increase max flight speed to 15m/s in ActiveTrack -Added precise record function of takeoff point -Added support for simultaneous control or aircraft by Primary and Secondary remote controllers Editor: -Added Free Eye feature, which enables image slideshow -Added support for...