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  1. RonanCork

    Golf club video with dynamic overlay markers showing distances

    Hey Guys, I'd recently posted about Golf Course flyovers but this question is slightly tangential to it I'm looking to do something like in this YouTube video - see about 10 seconds into the video. As you can see there are dynamic overlays appearing to show the user the distances from tee to...
  2. RonanCork

    Golf Course Flyovers - adding text into the video

    Hi Guys, I've been asked by client to do their Gold Course fly over video. As part of this they'll like when i (in the final video) approach each hole, that I should display some text on the video on the details of the hole/fairway etc. I'm not sure yet if this is simple text or a few lines but...
  3. D

    2 Pro North Berwick Golf Course

    My second attempt at a golf course film is here. Lots of early starts to get the sun right at North Berwick. Thanks for those who fed back on my previous attempt, I used some of the suggestions here.
  4. S

    Any golfers out there?

    Got a chance to go out and do some flying yesterday at our local Top Golf here in Austin, TX.
  5. MarcObarlow

    Golf in Scotland & Ireland This Summer

    I'm celebrating a landmark birthday this year and planning to be at the Open Championship in mid-July with my wife. As part of the trip I hope to find a few "hidden-gem" golf courses to play. I don't feel compelled to play the Rota courses. I' really looking for a Shivas Irons experience. Our...
  6. A


  7. R

    Mavic Pro in 4K over the Victoria Golf Club on Christmas Day

    A rare sunny, not too cold 4c, and almost wind free day. Great day to take the Mavic for a walk...