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google earth

  1. N

    Virtual Litchi Mission

    Download latest version here : Virtual Litchi Mission V2.4.0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VLM Frequently Asked Questions Problems Getting Started Q) VLM does not start properly – startup sound and splash...
  2. I

    Recording point locations during flight and map backdrops

    Hi all! I'm brand new here so please be gentle! I've done some searching and can't find what I'm looking for so hopefully someone on here can help. I want to use my Mavic to rapidly survey fields for presence/absence of livestock. It's to speed up and target field surveillance in the event of...
  3. T

    Create your own no-fly-map?

    Hi, following the rule „don’t trust a map, that you didn’t create yourself“, I want to build my own no-fly-map for my hometown in Germany. I would like to have several layers in Google maps or earth, showing all the areas, where done flying is prohibited in Germany. That are railways, highways...
  4. Drone Master

    Google Maps lost on latest FW?

    Is it me or has DJI officially removed google maps from the latest app and firmware?