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  1. Garuda

    First flight with my DJI Googles (Sweden)

    Found my favourite droning spot, quiet and beautiful. I was very excited to do a real test flight with my new DJI Googles. A video does not capture the immersive and fun feeling you get with these on your face. But I really love them! Not only do they make it more fun, they are very functional...
  2. F

    RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW

    Hi I have the new DJI racing googles and am looking at the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW. Would this be compatible with the goggles and if so, would I need to purchase an antenna and set that up. Any help would sure be appreciated as I'm very new at this. Please pardon my spelling...