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  1. thomashall1993

    $8000 drone vs $1000 drone at night photography

    I frequently shoot pictures of our state capitol since I live in it and was making some new attempts at creating photos of it under the 336 rules, so that when I go to the trouble of following the SOPs for our Daylight Waiver, I would not be wasting anyone's time. Our Capitol is in Class D...
  2. H

    DJI data share?

    I’m not doing anything dodgy but I just don’t want to share any flight data and stats with DJI as I simply don’t trust them with my data. I’m using my iPhone X to fly and was thinking of putting it in airplane mode during flights. My only problem is that as soon as the flight is over and I have...
  3. Leo153

    Has everyone seen this? Shoot down drone!!!

    White House wants to let law enforcement disable civilian drones
  4. Greg Smithski

    Turns out, you’re going to have to register...

    Owners of small drones are going to have to resume registering their craft with the U.S. government. Turns out, you’re going to have to register your small drones with the U.S. government after all