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gps lock

  1. R

    Mavic Mini "Flyaway" - forensic help requested

    I took my Mavic Mini hiking to a waterfall last weekend. Getting a good GPS lock is difficult in a waterfall amphitheater, so I got it flying and hovered it as high as it would let me (hoping that would be more likely to get a signal up higher). I let it sit there for several minutes while it...
  2. timesnaps

    Where do the RTH GPS coordinates come from?!

    Please let me know if my understanding is correct. I assume, that the Mavic records its own location via GPS onboard. And that the RC has its own GPS, which it gets from the phone. Unfortunately my phone is from a Chinese manufacturer and has Chinese firmware, but I am not flying in China at the...
  3. flynsign

    Follow Me mode debate - controller or device GPS??

    I was under the impression that Follow Me mode works by the quad locking in to the GPS signal on the device used (smartphone, etc). I was using this mode with my ipad mini 2 with wifi only (no cellular network - hense no GPS). Question is, it seemed to work fine in spite of this so maybe the...