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gps log

  1. M

    Downloading GPS Flight Data to a file??

    How can I download the flight GPS information into a data file that I can then put into a spreadsheet? I'm just using the DJI4 App currently on a Android based tablet. Thanks for any assistance!
  2. L

    Flying Mavic with controller ONLY?

    I recently did something pretty dumb, lost my Mavic. :mad::mad: I don't think I will be able to get it back, but have to ask anyway. I was flying it with just the remote controller since my iPhone was dead. It flew away and never came back. My question is there any way to get the GPS from the...
  3. D

    Fnding a Lost Mavic

    Stupid ! I made a number of mistakes, but the outcome is that I have lost my Mavic (backed into a tree, and crashed into undergrowth, but not sure which tree !!!). Despite searching over two afternoons with a number of people, we could not find it (the first afternoon was really bad -...