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ground station pro

  1. L

    Is it possible for the DJI Ground Station app to crash my drone due to bad connection?

    As the title says. There's a really good place to take off which is very close to where I live. Barely anyone goes there, there's a flat concrete area to take off from and there's a bench to sit my lazy *** down :) The only thing I have to worry about is that there are hills surrounding the...
  2. roflyer

    Update in DJI GS Pro - curved corners in waypoint mission

    Hello Pilots, I noticed that one of the features in the last update of GS Pro was the option for curved corners in the waypoint path. I tried to edit or create new missions with this option activated but I didn't see any difference, the lines still have sharp corners when I draw a square or...
  3. TLT

    DJI Ground Station Pro App & DJI Go - DON'T HAVE BOTH OPEN

    All, Just a heads up. I had planned a mission with the GS Pro app and everything went peachy. Then when I switched apps to the DJI Go App to fly an orbit for some oblique shots things were going fine until I hit the (...) three dots in upper right hand corner of DJI Go App which is the same...