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  1. F

    Belém Tower, Lisbon

    Hello, The Belém Tower (Portuguese: Torre de Belém) is a fortified tower located in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém in the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (along with the nearby Jerónimos Monastery) because of the significant role it played in the...
  2. Drone UK

    Mavic 2 Pro filming in Difficult lighting H265 / H264

    So this was my second video made with the M2P and due to my Mac and Final Cut Pro X will not work with the H265 i have had to revert back to the old Rubbish colour contrast setting of H264 Normal. The contrast is terrible and made it very hard to film with the bright sky. I did not want to loose...
  3. GeraldV

    Flickering Video

    I dont take a lot of video with the M2P, this is the first time since the firmware upgrade. Took a 10-15 second video ofr a friend in H.265, 4K 25fps and the video is unusable due to a flicker. (Have used the DJI lut for colour grading with Resolve, output to 1080 with a little zoom and...
  4. F

    M2P - Flying by Douro River in Porto - DLOG-M

    Flying over Douro River in Porto, Portugal....from a sunny/foggy day to sunset...quick jorney about this gorgeous city. The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. FOV - 4K - DLOG-M - DJI LUT If you like, follow my Instagram for more FlyingByDan (@flyingbydaniel) •...
  5. N

    Mavic 2 Hasselblad - Brazil

    Hello Mavic friends! Just got my hands on the new Mavic 2 Hasselblad. Incredible how silent the drone is. Haven't done any flight yet cause i need to put it into regulations first. Had done some footage 4k HQ - h265 without flying, and seems aweeeesome, heavy files tough. I tried to bind up...