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    DJI Mini SE trying to install altitude/nfz hack using drone-hacks software on windows 11 home...but it keeps crashing while hacking...what should i do

    What should i do no matter what i do it keeps crashing...
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    DJI Mavic Air 2, can somebody point me to a list of current hacks and useful apps?

    Hi, I tried to untangle this too many times, however every time I try to comb thru all this info I get lost. a. I'd like to know which firmware downgrading options are available for DJI Mavic Air 2 (firmware version 01.01.0920) to version 01.01.0610, or if there are other options available to...
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    Is it possible to connect a Mavic Mini Controller to any Mavic Mini Drone.

    So the worst thing imaginable happened in a restricted airspace in front of Toronto. I was shooting for a boat rental video promo with my Mavic Mini and I was flying alongside the boat when I didn't notice that I had crossed into restricted airspace. But the most confusing thing happened...