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hand held

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    Mavic handle carrier

    What do you guys think about this handle carrier? Cheaper than the Katana and more versatile allowing two different configurations while using it handheld.
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    Hand held drone for Pics / videos can do

    good video demo and comments in this article Can you use the DJI Mavic Pro as a makeshift alternative to a handheld gimbal? Ive already tested the video and the camera shake is so micro you really can't notice it Upside all clips in same SD card as flight clips so you get an auto generated...
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    Hold drone for on the ground shots

    I thought about the idea of holding the drone in my hand to walk/run around the ground level shots why pics n videos are auto in the app with an auto generated video but my photos and vids on ground are in another camera / app so the drone will keep them all together for quick output the...