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Hold drone for on the ground shots


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Mar 16, 2017
I thought about the idea of
holding the drone in my hand to walk/run around the ground level shots

pics n videos are auto in the app with an auto generated video
but my photos and vids on ground are in another camera / app
so the drone will keep them all together for quick output

the obvious choice is buy the OSMO (not cheap)

I found the following article various helpful - created Oct 2016

Can you use the DJI Mavic Pro as a makeshift alternative to a handheld gimbal?

I dnt agree the quality is not good enough, its far better than
my hand held work and when i use a separate gimbal (unless its pro work) its not worth the extra work of consolidating he data for a quick vid output

i then needed to get confidence to catch the drone after flying to then cut the motors and get straight into continuing using the drone for vid / pics while holding

there are many articles on topic, this one had a few additional ideas
such as
holding your hand out flat, grab from the front or from behind to avoid the sensors

Catching a Mavic Pro

it also includes a vid demo of a special 3D Printed launch mount

so ive recorded this thread to help other newbies and also a diary of the links and where i can update once ive tried them out
Switch to sport mode to catch your mavic

I think sports mode disables the senors so there is less issues with catching but once the bird is on your hand or in your hand how to shut off the motors .. pulling down the left (down) throttle for 3 secs turns the motor off or using the dual control CSC command which is not so easy for newbies as the bird might initial move corkscrew if to done correctly ? not sure i'll go onto the roof (rooftop in the city) and try.. cheers
I use it hendheld with no issues. As for catching - the easiest method is to land mavic on your hand (not auto land but normal - throttle down landing - make sure you don't try to catch it just let it land on your hand, motors will go off as usual, do it with hand above your eyes- just as an extra precaution and it helps to not move your hand up. also mavic may initially go up a bit, just keep throttle down, you'll do it three times and it's becoming second nature)
in this video at 1.32min mark Catching a Mavic Pro they member @CADDJockey shows what to do

I tried the option, took a little practice and confidence

i did not use sports mode ie., left all senors on hold, hand your hand our level with eyes line up the MP about 30 mins or more, allow 10 secs or so for it to detect the object of your hands then pull the throttle down and let it lower onto your hand .. DONT let go of the throttle as it will / might want to go back up.. As soon as it cradled into my hand the props eased to a idle speed, keep throttling down to turn the motors off.

like most tasks/challenges it just got easier and easier when repeating the process.
It's an absolute delight to know i don't have to go looking for a good landing spot.

I also tried catching MP in sports mode (this turns the sensors off) but i found it made the MP less stable during landing (no sensors) and another thing to remember to turn back on ... anyway each is good to suit

The same video shows the simple idea of using the back of the backpack to launch (anything level to get above sand or grass) or rocks
and the benefit to catch is obvious)

in the 2nd video in the thread Catching a Mavic Pro by berndv the brilliant 3D printed device for launching or resting MP on a tripod is a bigger winner for me, I've most always have a tripod and with the special cradle he made you can then use the MP as a conventional video or camera.

Catching a Mavic Pro thread post by thehippoz has good tips will try..

Very good users tips thanks members

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