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hand catching

  1. heo3480

    Hand Launch and Landing Tutorial

    Sometimes you are in a situation where using a launchpad is not the optimal solution, this is where it's handy to be able to perform a hand launch and landing. This video will show you how to safely perform this operation.
  2. The Real Heavy Metal

    How I hand catch the Mavic without fighting sensors on...

    After my Mavic almost committed suicide by fighting it's way out of my grasp indoors and almost going into the bigger prop of a ceiling fan I figured out a better way for me to catch it if done properly. I doesn't fight and I don't have to turn off sensors. If nothing else you'll see why I...
  3. Gringorio

    Hand-catching on a Sailboat

    Here's a short vid with clips of some of the hand-catches on the sailboat I was recently aboard. I was flying drones in support of beaked whale surveys and my task was to capture aerial images of the whales when they surfaced. That was a challenge in itself, but so was launching and landing on...
  4. S

    WARNING - iPad Overheated and shutdown during flight

    I recently was boating with friends and wanted to get some cool footage of my friends boat. Planned to do hand launch and catch while we were on the water since not enough space to land on the boat safely. We had been out about 3 or 4 hours and air temp was ~102F. When we reached a nice spot...
  5. L

    Hold drone for on the ground shots

    I thought about the idea of holding the drone in my hand to walk/run around the ground level shots why pics n videos are auto in the app with an auto generated video but my photos and vids on ground are in another camera / app so the drone will keep them all together for quick output the...
  6. Member

    8 Questions for Mavic owners

    Here are some questions from someone who doesn't own a Mavic yet but likely will in the next few days. Manual: check [multiple times] Youtube: check [reviews, unboxings, stress tests, missions, crashes and compilations] Apologies if any of this is answered clearly in the manual or in a video...