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Hand held drone for Pics / videos can do


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Mar 16, 2017
good video demo and comments in this article
Can you use the DJI Mavic Pro as a makeshift alternative to a handheld gimbal?

Ive already tested the video and the camera shake is so micro you really can't notice it

all clips in same SD card as flight clips so you get an auto generated video option
saves time and money on OSMO - and it's not easy to drive (i have one)

not easy holding the drone and working the RC controls.
I start the drone with arms out to let the props move, then fold them back to make the drone small size much like the size of old style video cams but it's a worry in my hand as there is no strap

Find a device to hold the drone
1. Cradle made by pilot @berndv Catching a Mavic Pro

2. add the cradle to a monopod (tripod) and then a velcro strap around the drone and the cradle should hold it together, with a 90cm monopod I can move the drone up / down sideways to simulate drone movement while moving around in tight areas on the ground to give drone like footage to add to the flight

anyone have any suggestions how to secure the drone to a cradle on a tripod
the drone motors do not get too hot and I only do this for a short period of time as the intention is to be in the air but some photos from 6ft high in tights places are better with hand held for safety to people and equipment
Yes it can. The device is already developed, look for PolarPro Katana.
I use mine all the time. Works great with a dyi holder which holds the mavic and controller.
Thanks @JoostGT3 I checked out PolarPro Katana Katana - DJI Mavic Tray

very good and probably buy one, there is a video demo which shows a way to use it without removing the props
at 4.40min mark

I'm trying to find the minimalist version, I like cradle and a tripod from @berndv Catching a Mavic Pro
its much less space in my bag. I will suggest to Polar they consider a standard tripod connector to the bottom of their device

I found another by aeor3d DJI Mavic items
and demo of the handle at
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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