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hand launch

  1. hagman23

    Mavic 3 Pro Hand Launch Issue (solved)

    I have noticed now a number of times since getting my Mavic 3 Pro that this particular drone does not like to be hand launched. I have been doing this for a few years now, hand launching and catching every drone from the Air 1, 2 Pro, 3, Air 2S, Mini 3 Pro, and even hand catching my P4P. When I...
  2. Gringorio

    More flying from ships

    Granted, not a speedy FPV flight, but flying the Mavic Pro 2 from the M/V Sharpie through an arch. All sensors turned off. Hand launch, hand catch with help from crew. This was on a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign.
  3. Gringorio

    A RTH mishap and recovery

    Flying a drone from a boat is not always easy. In this case the ship was moving at about 8 knots in un-even seas and so made hand-catching a challenge. The nature of the work required that we fly while on the move, thus making the home point always receding behind us. So, we were always...
  4. A

    Where do you fly from on a hot day? This is what I have resorted to... I like it!

  5. heo3480

    Hand Launch and Landing Tutorial

    Sometimes you are in a situation where using a launchpad is not the optimal solution, this is where it's handy to be able to perform a hand launch and landing. This video will show you how to safely perform this operation.
  6. Gringorio

    Isla Guadalupe Beaked Whales

    Since I used both a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Pro I have cross-posted this on the Phantom forum. While I did not edit this video some of my aerial video was used. I was lucky enough to be the drone operator on another Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign, this time on a research expedition...
  7. jontracey

    Tips on safely hand launching and catching your Mavic Pro

    Hey everyone, back with another how to for new pilots out there. While learning to hand launch and catch I have a couple of tips that may help you avoid losing a finger tip (or worse) If you have other methods to do this safely please leave in the comments on the video, love to get your feedback.