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  1. stephenomena

    Alientech Antenna Blocks HDMI Port On Smart Controller

    Hi guys, Just wondering how others have gotten around this problem... The bracket of the Alientech Antenna prevents the ability to connect anything to the HDMI & USB ports on the top of the Smart Controller. Those that have a Smart Controller with the Alientech Antennas fitted will know...
  2. gjmphoto

    Tablet Advice Please - Use of BT35E with Fluidity, you'll understand

    OK ... I now have my BT300 glasses working with a BT-35E Box, Excellent! I just got them tonight and have seen them work with an HDMI cable from my laptop. Great. Lots more experimenting on the horizon. Now, the advice I need: I want to purchase an Android device that will run Go 4, that has...
  3. J

    Mavic pro CrystalSky HDMI Out

    Hi, i can output from crystalsky to monitor using mavic pro or i need nvidia shield k1? Thanks you