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high winds

  1. J

    Mini 3 POI High wind test

    Mini 3 Pro high wind (12 gusting to 25 mph) POI test. Not perfect, but pretty good results with the extended range battery and at 11.3 M/S, it demonstrates the DJI 10.7 M/S Max Wind Speed Resistance rating is accurate.
  2. D

    3 2160p video of Moon at 28x in high winds using a DJI Mavic 3.

    Mild Drift of camera occurs at 28x in high wind conditions, but not significant, considering the drone's zoom settings and wind speeds which were not recorded, but significant. OOPS, I posted a video similar to this, but this one is the full moon in high winds. Sort of unstable with...
  3. Steve F

    Air 2 Almost lost it during a flight against strong headwinds

    I had another close call with my MA2 during a flight along some snowy mountain peaks during a backcountry ski trip in the Sierra Nevada. Flying up along the edge of the peaks I encountered some strong headwinds while above and through a col. The drone started slipping backwards while the app...
  4. Ian in London

    Why the Pro behaves so differently in strong winds from the Air

    I don't usually fly in Sports Mode and had often noticed the Pro to be struggling or even drifting in moderate wind, requiring me to flip it into Sports to regain its speed or direction. So the other day I did a test. And sure enough in a strong head wind, keeping it in standard mode, it...
  5. S

    Mavic Pro just flew away!

    Hello all, my friend pointed me to this forum, and suggested I share my story on here, so here it goes. I bought the Mavic Pro right around the end of December 2016, and received it sometime in January. I flew it all over my home area dozens of times without issue, so I was pretty familiar with...