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  1. UnlimiteDrone

    What most pilots don't know: Using the Histogram right.

    Here is a nice guide explaining how to use the histogram. Do you use the histogram when recording footage? IMO its important for the right exposure but tell me what you think about the explanation Here it is: Histogram tutorial
  2. HiKen51

    Histogram disappears on Android

    Anyone else have the problem that the histogram disappears between flights? I'm using a Lenovo Tab 4, and each time I shut down Go 4 and restart, the histogram has disappeared and I have to go into camera settings and turn off histogram, then turn it back on again to be able to see it. Other...
  3. William Ball


    Little help here, I cant get the histogram to open on my screen. I slide the bar and when I go back to the main screen it is not there. I have the settings to manual and still can't get it to open.