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  1. ForrestGunt

    What kind of registration? Both?

    I just bought my first drone, a Mavic Pro. I'm just learning but I want to pass the107 so I can use the drone for work, too. Should I register it now for recreation and again after I pass107? How does this work?
  2. E

    San Diego Presentation - Ask the UAS Drone Experts Live

    Ask the UAS / UAV and Drone Experts Live Date and Time:. Wednesday, December 20, 2017, starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: This is your chance to Ask the Experts in Panel Discussion Recreation / Hobby, Commercial, & Public...
  3. Qoncussion

    Is this "Commercial" or "Hobby"?

    I am currently (strictly) a hobby flyer, with many years of experience both at the sticks of a drone, and professionally behind the camera (on the ground). I've been asked to shoot an aerial scene for a short film. Neither myself nor the film's writer/director will be making any money from our...