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horizon tilt

  1. heo3480

    Mavic Pro Horizon Issue - Are YOU affected too?

    I’m having problems keeping the horizon level during flight. I’m on my 3rd Mavic now with this issue. I have made this video show the problem and collect feedback to establish the magnitude of the problem. Are you affected by this as well?
  2. joshmentele

    Mavic Camera

    Hi, I have a few quick questions. 1.) Is there any way the Mavic's arms will fold back during flight? My arm on the left feels slightly less tight than the right arm and I am worried it may fold back in sport mode or doing sharp turns. 2.) While flying fast and turning, my camera gets pretty...
  3. Balko

    Horizon Tilt Problem....HELP PLEASE!

    Hi folks. Hope someone could help me out by telling me what else I could do to solve that perennial problem about the Horizon Tilt. I have already updated to the latest DJI GO4 app ver. 4.1.3....aircraft Firmware to 1.01.0900...calibrated both the IMU and Gimbal, and still I get this “Horizon...
  4. jtcfilms

    Horizon Tilt regardless of Gimbal Roll Adjustment mid flight

    Hi pilots, I just got the mavic recently and am having constant horizon tilt issues. I've done all calibrations and even adjust the gimbal roll mid flight and once I turn the horizon tilts again. Im in follow mode and not FPV either. Its driving me crazy. I've read several other threads about...