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hyperlapse circle

  1. D

    Up and down jolts in Hyperlapse vids

    Hello. Today I was experimenting with Hyperlapse Circle, Course Lock, and Waypoints. Overall the vids look good except in every one of them there are some up and down jolts and oddly enough, at some split-second moments it looks like some of the subject matter is actually stretching up and down...
  2. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial

    Mavic 2 Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial that will show you properly one of the coolest features of Mavic 2 Pro :-)
  3. D

    Hyperlapse > Circle: how to ensure the drone makes a complete 360 degree circle?

    In Hyperlapse > Circle, is there a way to set the recording info (video length, number of photos, etc) to ensure that the drone makes a complete 360 degree circle? Or is it just trial and error...? I've only tried this two times but each time it made only an arc, not a complete circle around the...
  4. D

    Hyperlapse Circle never completes a full circle

    Today I tried Circle in Hyeprlapse (Mavic 2 Pro) and once again it only completed 60% of the circle. If anyone knows how to program it or make calculations to complete a 100 percent / 360 degree circle please advise. Thx.
  5. D

    Hyperlapse Circle didn't complete 360 degrees

    Using Hyperlapse Circle in the Mavic 2 Pro, how do you know how much shooting has to be done to make sure the drone makes a full 360 degree circle? Today I tried this and the shooting ended after the drone had circled about 60% of the subject. Thx.