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image issue

  1. D

    Vertical line in image sensor

    Hello everyone I received my Mavic Pro two days ago but I have a problem In photos, video and also on the smartphone while I'm flying there are two vertical white lines on the left side, as you can see from the attachments Anyone could tell my what is the problem and if there is a solution? Thanks
  2. J

    Image Quality - Paint Brush Effect

    I'm on day 2 of owning my Mavic and I'm a little perplexed at the image quality. To be clear I am a fairly accomplished photographer and I have a business where I have sold many images as a side line. I know about sharpness, ISO yada yada. I have read a few posts relating to similar issues...
  3. M

    Still Image Artifacts and corruption raw hdr long exposure

    Sorry if this is duplicate but I got multiple images the other day with heavy artifacts. Maybe it has to do with HDR in combination with long exposure. Is this common? Metadata ISO 800 1/5 sec exposure on Mavic Pro (This is a raw image and I possibly used HDR mode with it)
  4. M

    Laggy image from 500m and further

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help. I have been experiencing some really weak video signal, anytime I fly my drone to the 500m distance mark the image starts to break up and become extremely laggy, some times the image has completely cut out leaving me to RTH blindly, which is quite...
  5. M

    No image feed

    hi folks I have just received the mavic but I cannot get an image feed. I had one for about a minute then it broke up followed by going grey. Have tried it on two devices and all cables properly plugged in. Anyone else had this?
  6. I

    Had to rebox the DJI Mavic Pro

    Sooo, had to box up the Mavic Pro.. Sad day. Fly's amazingly, just had an image issue and the Battery case starting to split.(not sure if it was because launch model) First test of DJI Support as a DJI owner of 2 years plus. So far, so great. DJI aree replacing the camera/gimbal & Battery FOC...