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indoor flying

  1. B

    Flysafe & LAANC indoors in restricted area

    Can anyone lead me to solid information on how to gain permission from both DJI Flysafe and LAANC inside buildings located in airport no fly zones?
  2. J

    Ceiling restriction on indoor flight

    Hi Dears, I have a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and I use it for indoor flight. When the GPS signal is weak, my drone operates in OPTI mode. But, after taking off, when it is moving up, its ceiling is limited by software around 3.5 meters. So I turn off "Enable Vision Positioning" and flight mode...
  3. S

    Mavic Air airport proxy help!

    I work at a trucking company that is less than a mile away from ORD (O'hare International Airport) I have a stock Mavic Air and what I'm trying to do is create some indoor shots of trucks on the show room floor for marketing purposes. I'm aware there are proximity issues with airports and I"m...
  4. Olegmenkov

    Indoors test, tripod only

    Glass floor, interference.Unfortunately, the maximum height is very small, you have to switch to atti mode.
  5. A


    Hi all, I've been hired to do some aerial footage inside a church hall at night but the client claims there will be loads of light as it is to cover a media event.. My questions is whether you guys think I need to use an ND filter? if so which? or maybe I dont need to use a filter at all...
  6. A

    Need help flying inside bowling alley!!! Scared to crash drone at charity event

    I have a Mavic Pro. I recently was offered a paying job to fly my drone for a charity event at a bowling alley. They want me to fly over the lanes to see all the participants bowling and having fun. I have flown indoor before without issue, but today I tried to practice at my new apartment and...
  7. beatnik

    Indoor Flying Altitude Limit is 13 feet AGL

    I had not flown indoors in a while. I was asked to fly over some RV's parked in a large hanger building. No GPS and the Mav in Atti. When I take off I get the warning NO GPS Altitude limit set. So it puts that limit at 13 feet. The ceiling in the hanger is about 50 feet. The RV's are about 8...
  8. Annevanzwol

    Grading / dollyzoom indoor scene

    Wind and rain. No flying :( good time to practice post processing. Tried some grading and different music to change the feel of the same scene. Used hitfilm 4 express. Dolly zoom kind of works.
  9. heo3480

    Hole in One ;-) Testing tripod mode on the putting green

    All angles are filmed with Mavic in Tripod mode. Btw The reason for the miss in middle of video, was because I had to fly with one hand and putt with the other at the same time.
  10. DesertWindAero

    Active Track indoors?

    Has anyone tried Active Track while flying indoors? If so, how'd it go?
  11. DesertWindAero

    WiFi flying indoors... Has anyone tried it?

    Just curious if anyone has tried WiFi flying indoors. If so, how'd it go? What kind of environment was it? Large, open space? Offices? Cubicle city? Did you try flying through doorways or windows? Really would like to know before trying it...thanks!
  12. DesertWindAero

    Indoor flying and patterns

    Regarding indoor flying, the Mavic manual says: "...the Downward Vision System cannot work properly on surfaces without clear pattern variations..." Do you think something like this, laid down a concrete floor would work?