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  1. A


    Hi all, I've been hired to do some aerial footage inside a church hall at night but the client claims there will be loads of light as it is to cover a media event.. My questions is whether you guys think I need to use an ND filter? if so which? or maybe I dont need to use a filter at all...
  2. Vilco

    Flying indoors: all good without people, but what if people arrives?

    Yesterday I flown my Mavic in a kind of a Lounge Area in a nearby wineyard, the lighting was perfect so it acted just as i expeted it to: Vision mode, stable as with GPS, flown perfectly almost upto the ceiling, at about 10 meters up. The floor is a bright beige/orange color and is tiled, with...
  3. V

    Flying Mavic Pro Inside Auditorium with 600 People?

    I have been asked to fly our drone inside an auditorium with over 600 people. Is it possible that the cell signals would interfere with the drone? What other things could potentially go wrong?
  4. caciuslove

    RTH on new DJI GO 4 app

    Hello, I have a mavic pro with the last firmware update Please can someone tell me where's RTH in the new DJI GO 4 app ? I can't find it in advanced settings :( I want to set it to hover to do some indoor flights Thanks
  5. TrayBoz

    Have you ever crashed your Mavic?

    Please check all that apply. An Act of God/Nature: Birds, some freak accident that was NOT pilot error OR DJI malfunction. Major damage: Something besides basic prop replacement was required. An actual repair was required by you or someone else DJI Malfunction: Clearly a problem with the...
  6. NetStalker

    How to properly arm tackle a runaway Mavic.....

    I will cut right to the chase....there is not a proper way. ;) Here is the dealio. Was working on my drone inside, drone was sitting on coffee table and I was setting up a new tablet to replace my phone as the primary device when I got the announcement that a new DJI 4.0 was available. Cool...
  7. DesertWindAero

    Indoor flying -- patterns?

    The DJI site says it needs "...Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)..." for indoor flying. Has anyone determined what kind of pattern it flies best on? Does it need to be something like this?