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  1. D

    Connection Problem Android / Controller - Need help please

    Hello, I purchased a mavic 2 pro, and it's been two days since I can not fly my drone : Here are the steps I did : -Connect to DJi GO4 -plug my android to the controller -turn on the drone -Go to the application and click on Enter Device -Click on Connect to the aircraft. [First problem : I'm...
  2. M

    Mavic Air - Detailed Install & SNAFUs

    Yes, this begins with the typical unboxing blather and some "Phantom Days" background to set the stage, but in future parts of the story I'll take us through all the detailed installation steps... including my cockpit errors! More coming very soon and I welcome your feedback! Michael...
  3. Michel DELFELD

    DJI Assistant 2 installation on Sierra (Apple)

    After having search on the forum, I dont find an answer to this specific question: I can't install DJI Assistant on Sierra (v.10.12.2) Install went correctly without any message error. During install it wast asked to install HorNDIS Then I re-started the computer as asked by a message from the...