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ipad pro

  1. Watash48

    iPad Pro 11" Mount for Mavic 2 Pro Controller

    Can anyone please provide me the correct Mavmount size I need to support my 11" iPad Pro to my Mavic 2 Pro Controller?
  2. E

    iPad Pro 10.5inch and Mavic Pro...

    To those of you using the ipad pro 10.5 inch...I'm wanting to buy this one and just trying to make sure it will work without issues with my Mavic Pro. Apple 10.5" iPad Pro (64GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray) MQDT2LL/A Anyone out there have experience with this precise model and build?
  3. Shoei39

    iPad controller requirements for Mavic - WiFi or WiFi + Cellular?

    When using an iPad with your Mavic controller, is WiFi + cellular required or will WiFi work just as well? Thanks for any advice you can provide on this issue.
  4. T

    blurry pictures in iOS 11 but not in affinity photo ?

    Hi I have a strange issue with the pictures of my mavic. I import the RAW pictures with the SD to lightning adapter to my iPad Pro 10.5 In the default pictures app on iOS the pictures look blurry, but when I open the same picture in a 3. party photo app (affinity photo) the pictures are much...
  5. C

    Iphone 6s and IPad Pro not connecting to controller but 2 Iphone 6's connect easily

    I just bought a new Mavik Pro with fly more package on July 25 at OshKosh. My Iphone 6s and IPad Pro will not connect to the controller. However, my son's both have Iphone 6's not plus or S. Their phones connect easily. I have tried every suggestion that I have found on the web to no avail...