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iphone 8 plus

  1. Woolnut

    Does anyone use their Mavic with an iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus?

    Hi All, I am due to upgrade my device at some point in the next month or so and i have heard before about the newer iPhone models not being supported by DJI GO 4? Does anyone here use an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X with their Mavic? I have found a few posts on the DJI Forums however they...
  2. Amarand

    Columbus, Ohio

    Hey all! I live over on the west-side of Columbus, in Galloway, closer to Hilliard. Any fellow fliers close-by? Here's my rig:
  3. D

    iPhone8 plus

    Has anyone got any idea when we can start using iPhone 8 Plus phones on DJI drones? It’s been almost 18 months since the iPhone 7 came out and surely DJI as a highly contemporary company would be updating their software by now? Meanwhile I have a 3 month MPP that loses video signal every 25...