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  1. rafare

    Mavic Mini loosing control mid-air -> Second time

    This is a follow-up of this topic. But this is other incident, hence why the new topic. Time of incident: 7m4.7s - 7m6.4s Can you guys see anything wrong with my MM in the logs? It has been doing this the day I got it, I...
  2. B

    Phone disconnecting from controller

    Hi mavic pilots! Today i ran into a problem i have had two times before. I was flying my mavic pro, and suddenly my phone is unable to show video feed. I can still control the drone with the controller, but this could still be very frightening. Luckily my drone was under 200 meters from me, and...
  3. J

    No shooting photos

    Hello, I had my Mavic Pro since 2 years and always have worked perfectly, but half a year ago it started having problems with shooting (I never crashed it), I had to press a lot of times or wait after 15 minutes flying to be able to shoot photos, but now it doesn't do anything, it can just take...