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  1. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 italian dreams

    Italian dreams and nothing else! Venice - Verona Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & Pocket 2
  2. Elektrica

    2 Pro Sardegna, Italia | Colori della Sardegna - Italia in 4K Ultra HD

    Cinematic 4K drone video of Sardegna, Italia (Sardinia, Italy). Filmed in Costa Smeralda in 4K. Aerial views of Costa Smeralda, Caprera, Monte Moro, the Isola Cappuccini, rumored to belong to Madonna, or the stunning multi colored sea views of one of the most beautiful locations in Italy and...
  3. Elektrica

    Stilfser Joch - Passo dello Stelvio, Italy - Mavic Air 2

    The Stilfser Joch (Passo dello Stelvio / Stelvio Pass) filmed with DJI Mavic Air 2. One of the most famous roads in the world. At an elevation of 2,757 m (9,045 ft) above sea level. It is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps.
  4. Elektrica

    Sardegna 2019 | Sardinia, Italy | Summer 2019 | 4K Drone Video

    Shot with Mavic2 Pro and Inspire 2 Cinematic 4K drone video of the gorgeous Sardinia (Sardegna) island in Italy. Aerial views of Costa Smeralda, the old Capo Ferro lighthouse, Monte Moro, the Isola Cappuccini, rumored to belong to Madonna, or the stunning multi colored sea views of one of the...
  5. Drone UK

    Filming around Cinque Terre Italy

    I will be having a holiday in cinque terre and have heard its a no fly zone. But then i found a map showing the areas in question which are not allowed. So does this mean if i travel way from these to the areas, which i have highlighted in Blue, i will be ok to take off and fly the drone? Be...
  6. Elektrica

    Amazing 1 Hour Relaxing Music And Stunning 4K Drone Video of the Dolomites

    1 Hour Relaxing Video & Music includes relaxing, stress relief, inspirational, anxiety relief nature video filmed in 4K UHD with a drone. The video can be used for relaxation, study, meditation and stress relief. This relaxing music can be used as study, background music, meditation music...
  7. M

    Florence, Italy in 4K!

    Took a recent trip to Florence and was inspired to launch the Mavic up to get some aerial shots of this beautiful city! Includes shots of Ponte Vecchio, the Arno river, Brunelleschi's dome, and more. Enjoy the 4K footage!
  8. Elektrica

    Bella Milano. A short film about the city of Milan | new evolving skyline Cinematic 4k drone footage

    A short video about the evolution of the city of Milan and her changing skyline. Featuring the La Scala Theater, Il Quadrilatero della Moda, Citylife, Torre Velasca, The Science Museum and the Toti Submarine, The Duomo di Milano, Sant'Ambrogio, Santa Maria delle Grazie, The Atellani Garden...
  9. Elektrica

    Vigevano, Italy - Piazza Ducale, The Bramante Tower - One of the workplaces of Leonardo Da Vinci

    Vigevano is crowned by the Castello Sforzesco, a stronghold rebuilt 1492–94 for Ludovico Maria Sforza (Ludovico il Moro), the great patron born in the town, who transformed the fortification/hunting lodge of Luchino Visconti (who in turn had re-used a Lombard fortress) into a rich noble...
  10. Vilco

    A wineyard in Emilia Romagna

    My girlfriend's wineyard, in the hills of Reggio Emilia Posted on Airvuz Airvūz - My first post-produced clip
  11. Vilco

    Hi from Reggio Emilia, Italy

    Hi I'm in Reggio Emilia, 60 km west of Bologna, in the middle of the food valley aka motor valley, among Parmigiano Reggiano and car and bike makers as Ferrari, Pagani, Ducati, Lamborghini... I'm gonna but my MP today in a couple of hours, after 4 months of learning with a U818A WiFi FPV cheap...