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  1. P

    Air 2s Flying in Japan

    Hi! This is a video about my 4 little flights in Japan in last October. Enjoy!
  2. Sunrise in Lake Shikotsu 2021, Japan

    Sunrise in Lake Shikotsu 2021, Japan

    I was planning to go to shoot the first sunrise on New Year's Day, but the weather forecast was snow, so I went to shoot the first sunrise of 2021 on the 2nd. I took off from near the Lake Shikotsu Tourist Center and took a footage. The temperature was 16 degrees below freezing, so I warmed the batt
  3. Congeetime

    Mount Fuji Japan DJI Mavic Mini & Pocket

    Hello! Here's a cinematic take on a recent trip to Kawaguchi, Japan. First time using the DJI mavic mini and the osmo pocket and they're the best combo for travelling! Also, my first time color grading so things aren't perfect! The weather wasn't the greatest so drone shots were limited...
  4. D

    European Mavic Mini in Japan

    Hey there! First a small introduction: I just registered in the forum because I will be in the "intelligent" drones world very soon and I was reading quite a lot the forum until I decided to register in order to ask you some advice in the following: I'll be a very soon owner of a Mavic Mini...
  5. R

    "Sky post" in Japan "ISE SHIMA" drone program

    A Drone program of "Sky post" as famous spot. "ISE SHIMA" position is center of Japan islands, At selected venue of 42nd G7 Summit, so be widely known in world. 伊勢志摩スカイラインにある「天空のポスト」をドローン撮影 しました。 サミットで世界に広く知られる場所になりました。
  6. Drone Runner

    Snippets from my Japan Trip. Mavic Air is perfect size to carry on holiday.

    Permission to fly in populous areas was gained prior to my trip, although rain did hamper a lot of my flight plans.
  7. T

    Take it or leave it? Mavic pro to Japan!

    So I’ll be going to Tokyo Japan in a couple weeks and I want to take my Mavic. I have done some research and from what I found Tyoko is pretty much a no fly zone. But when you get up into the outer cities or rural areas they are allowed to fly. I just want to get a few good aerial shots, I...
  8. lokinhei

    Mt. Fuji from Lake Yamanaka

    went to Japan in September, and flied my drone to take video of Mt Fuji & surroundings of Lake Yamanaka
  9. lokinhei

    Drone video taken at Hakone, Japan + Japan flying experience

    Here is a video I took at Hakone, Japan earlier this month on a solo trip, hope you enjoy! Japan flying experience: - Don't trust the built-in no fly zone in DJI Go app - For Japan no fly zone, please refer to here which is the official no-fly zone of Japanese government - Basically you can't...
  10. S

    JAPAN 4K

    Spent 500+ hours making this (no joke). Please let me know what you think :)
  11. duckandcover

    Japan - Tokyo/Kanto area meet up?

    Hello! I'm new to drones and just picked up a Mavic Pro. Anyone in Tokyo or Kanto area ?
  12. Fried Toast


    Sendai, Miyagi Phantom/Mavic pilot here. Just starting a thread for us DJI pilots in Japan. I fly a P3P and some Mavics for regional (NE Japan) promotional videos. 東北インバウンドの関係の動画を撮ってます。宜しくお願いします!
  13. Cybercowboy

    My.Fuji and my work place.

  14. Cybercowboy

    Greetings from foot of Mt.Fuji,Gotemba,Japan

    MavicPro took 3 month from 1st order to my hand. Took only a week to wreck a gimbal. another month to wait till I can fly it safely. Now I'm enjoying my flight to take fixed point observation of Mt.Fuji when it can be seen. I work at a membership horse riding facility as an instructor. Taking...
  15. halley

    Kawaguchi Lake Bridge

    Still not the best season for luscious greens but I rather enjoyed driving around a number of area lakes, scouting for the best views of Mt Fuji. This was stitched from 7 still photos.
  16. halley

    Japan's Ichinomiya Tower 138

    A quickie panorama taken about 125 meters up. The tower's tip is 138 meters above the ground, pronounced "ichi mi ya" which sounds like the city name Ichinomiya. Hence the name of the tower. I use the Hugin software to stitch my panoramas.
  17. halley

    High over Kumano Beach, Japan

    No filters or color enhancement. Not even contrast. Just three Mavic JPGs stitched across.
  18. halley

    Temple on Mt Horaiji, Japan

  19. Fried Toast

    Greetings from Sendai, Japan.

    Mavic finally arrived this week and it went on its maiden journey this afternoon/evening. I love the size, but otherwise, not impressed. It was just above me and it did a Return To Home due to radio interference. It also flashed "Battery Warning" a couple times. Bad start. I pulled out the...