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jello video

  1. G

    Newbie from Belgium

    Hi all, purchased a new Mavic Pro. First flights have been great and stable, but I also quickly ran into the dreaded Jello video shake problem and am unsure what to do next (send it in to DJI for repair, finetune some parameters, add filters, .... So I will be thoroughly scanning this forum for...
  2. N

    Does everyone experience jello, or do most of you never see it?

    Hi, sorry for posting two threads about the same topic. The other one is more about finding the solution to jello, and it's being mainly overlooked - probably because there are so many other threads about jello. So I'm starting a new thread to ask one important and quick question: Have any of...
  3. Joseph Malinski

    Maiden Flight / Jello Video / Gimbal Obstructed

    After waiting two months for my Mavic, I crashed it within a few hours of receiving it. Before I did I got to test it indoors and do a maiden flight. After hours of working with online support and youtube / forum research, I still had to send it back for a obstructed gimbal / motor...