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Maiden Flight / Jello Video / Gimbal Obstructed

Joseph Malinski

New Member
Dec 6, 2016
After waiting two months for my Mavic, I crashed it within a few hours of receiving it. Before I did I got to test it indoors and do a maiden flight. After hours of working with online support and youtube / forum research, I still had to send it back for a obstructed gimbal / motor overload / jello video.

Right now it's on it's way to service. Hoping to get "melvin" the mavic back as soon as possible

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It was after the crash. I was in the middle of two warehouses and took off, it just kept pulling right. I would center it. Then it would pull right again. I did that like 4 times before panicking trying to just land it. Hit the wall from about 4 ft up. Or whatever that height its, when you first take off.

I tried like making sure the gimbal table is correct and it looks fine.
'In the middle of two warehouses' first mistake, very spotty and unreliable GPS signal. Pulling right, did you calibrate the sticks? Mine had a forward creep out of the box but a stick calibration fixed it. I am not going to ask if the gimbal lock was removed :) How about that tiny piece of protective film on top of the gimbal, I almost missed that myself?
I do love some of the topic titles on the forums ... all most all of the pilot error ones are missing the "I crashed my drone" from the title ..... :)

I love the it kept moving off course but i kept flying it anyway .....

The minute my drone starts to handle in any other way than how it should its time to check the settings maybe redo the calibration then back to an open spce to retest and only then back to confined space flying ....
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No matter how many time he read the manual it wouldn't have prevented his crash. The bird flew funky for some reason.
It flew funky because he calibrated the compass on concrete, near buildings and very low to the ground. The compass should be minimum 150cm off the ground during calibration and preferably in an open grassy field.

A few other notes...
1. Antenna orientation is wrong.
2. He was moving (left) into the wall when he was flying in the corridor. This shows he has no idea with orientation.
3. I cannot stand people who test the obstacle avoidance by flying into themselves. There will be one day, someone wearing camo in a low-lit environment will end up with a new haircut, missing eyebrows, stitches and a broken drone.

For a guy who has flown an inspire... he has no idea... I'm thankful he has sent it back. I hope he has learnt his lesson. He should spend more time on youtube and reading the manual while waiting to get the drone fixed.
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Yeah, lessoned learned. But can't wait to fly it again and tell more stories. I'm definitely not the most technical flyer, or Ronin Operator or Camera Person or Editor, but just glad I have the opportunity to use these amazing inventions to enhance my story telling. When i've used the Inspire 1 Pro, I operated the camera, but had a drone operator piloting, so I didn't have to worry about the set up or operation. I was mainly concerned with the camera quality at night, and just literally wanted to fly it straight up and roll 30 seconds so I could understand what I'm dealing with and in turn, wound up crashing due to lack of preparation.

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