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motor overload

  1. ScubaBob

    MP-Motor Overload--Gimble problems

    I have had my MP for over a year with no problems. Never crashed and always put a Gimble guard on when storing or transporting the unit. Used it last weekend with no problems. Perfect take-offs and landings. Today I went to use the MP and the gimble started acting crazy during the start-up...
  2. D

    Aircraft motor overloaded following crash

    I crashed my Mavic this evening (no excuses, entirely my own fault) and I’m getting an error message saying the Aircraft Motor is overloaded, and asking me to check if the gimbal clamp is removed. It is; in fact, I can’t get it back on without manhandling the camrei& gimbal assembly, which I’m...
  3. MavicMikeGA

    Props Tangled in Grass: Question about motor obstruction warning

    I landed in some grass that was just tall enough to touch the blades. The blade snagged the grass and the Mavic flipped over so that all 4 blades are now in the grass (lesson learned, landing pad ordered). They could not turn but the motors kept trying for a full 5 seconds before I could stop...
  4. S

    Gimbal motor overload

    Hey all, I have a Mavic Pro only used a few times, no crashes, now getting gimbal motor overload warning and no tilt control over gimbal. Have checked threads here and it is sitting seemingly in the right position, tabs are all connected and above black plate, but it Knicks the chassis of the...
  5. Joseph Malinski

    Maiden Flight / Jello Video / Gimbal Obstructed

    After waiting two months for my Mavic, I crashed it within a few hours of receiving it. Before I did I got to test it indoors and do a maiden flight. After hours of working with online support and youtube / forum research, I still had to send it back for a obstructed gimbal / motor...