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  1. K

    Live feed lag and tearing

    Hello, I recently got a mini. I had a bunch of good flights on DJI fly and all of the sudden the live video started tearing and lagging at 200-500 feet. I have an iPhone 8 and fly in my driveway in a neighborhood. Does anyone have any tips to fix this?
  2. Retrograde

    Impossible to edit 4k@30fps in Premiere Pro CS6

    Hey everyone! Maybe a few of you have experienced that working with 4k video shot on the Mavic can be a headache and I was hoping you could offer me some insight; I'm trying to work with some awesome video I took today with my new Mavic Pro (what a machine) and I've discovered (I'm new to...
  3. S

    Mavic video jumpy

    I am a new Mavic pilot, I took some videos in 4k mode and after transferring the videos to my computer and played them back the video was jumpy and freezing. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Deccdude19

    Laggy Live View and Final Video

    Hello, I am new to the DJI Mavic Pro and i have an issue. My live view (on my phone) is extremely laggy and stops for a second max and then starts again. it affects my final video. Is this because of my phone (iPhone 5s) or the high video quality?? this is my second day flying and i would like...
  5. J

    Mavic Pro video feed very laggy / choppy

    Hey guys, flew my Mavic for the first time yesterday in 4K 30fps. I noticed the feed was really laggy / choppy. When I turned the aircraft around it would take a second or two for the feed to catch up. I'm wondering if the 4K footage is too much for my iPhone 6 to cope with? When I played the...
  6. M

    Laggy image from 500m and further

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help. I have been experiencing some really weak video signal, anytime I fly my drone to the 500m distance mark the image starts to break up and become extremely laggy, some times the image has completely cut out leaving me to RTH blindly, which is quite...