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  1. S

    Mini 2 Retail Therapy

    This video was shot in Peterborough UK, of 2 popular shopping parks.
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro Flying over reclaimed Centralia Coal Mine - a proposed Wildlife Area

    Once a vast, barren strip mine, the difficult and lengthy process of reclamation has turned the Centralia Coal Mine in Washington into an enticing landscape of wide prairies, young forests, and many shimmering lakes glittering in a sea of green meadows. Huge herds of elk now roam, and bald...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Pro How Could I Have Forgotten To Share This?! (I made an awesome video in Scotland)

    Having recently started posting to these forums again lately, I noticed I never shared one of my favourite videos I have made. I went on a road trip up to Loch Ness, Scotland about 2 years ago now and never shared it with you guys! Looking back at the video now, I'm still so amazed of the...
  4. WerePig

    Day trip in the Sierra Nevada

    Just a little day run up the hill to one of our favorite spots. Got some practice in, lining up shots and all. I still need lots of practice working all of my fingers at once. It's like directing an orchestra in the sky. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. P

    7 Original Mavic Videos, 23 Tips, Filmed in 29 Days

    Hello all! In the last month, I made 7 distinct videos, 6 of which were unpaid, and each one with a whack ton of drone shots! If interested in checking out all 7 videos, 24 pictures, plus 23 tips, here is the link. Thank you! Here's...
  6. Pasquale Josepe


    Today is a special day. After months of work I can now show you what I've seen. This compilation of short clips from BC will give you a preview of what Step Outside - Season 2 will have to offer. Take a step outside with Pasquale Josepe and see BC like never before. As always, I appreciate any...
  7. R

    Beautiful fall colours, Canadian landscape

    Last weekend I took my family for a canoe camping trip to the Massasauga Provincial Park, just 2 hours driving north from Toronto. And this is how it was. I hope you enjoy!
  8. V

    A Summer's Worth of Hiking the Utah Rockies

    This is the culmination project of all the video I took in the past summer hiking near Salt Lake City, Utah in the Wasatch Range. It is such a beautiful area. Please let me know what you think!
  9. Joely-Bird

    New York's Finger Lakes

    A few Clips from a long weekend at the lakes... I didn't get nearly as much Air-time as I'd planned to but had a blast! Love this part of the State!
  10. gadominas

    Mavic Pro 4K // Over lakes @Lithuania

    Running my little personal project this summer: capturing most beautiful lakes of Lithuania country. Comments & critics more than welcome!
  11. gadominas

    Lakes of Lithuania - Baltieji Lakajai (Mavic, 4K)

    Running further with some older footage through my project for this summer :) Project goal: Make a short drone like 'documentaries' around 10 most beautiful lakes in Lithuania. Project status: 4/10 :) Some footage specs: Color: D-Log ND: none LUT: AuroraMavicPro (Classic mostly) Edited with...
  12. gadominas

    Lakes of Lithuania - Peršokšnai (Mavic, 4K)

    I'm running my little project by taking areal videos from most beautiful lakes of Lithuania country. Latest roll: Please like & subscriber Sky Stories youtube channel!