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las vegas

  1. M

    Visiting California from UK.

    Hi, We , myself, fiancee Danielle and boys Ross and Jack are holidaying in California over Christmas. Flying to LA then driving to Las Vegas for a few days during which we are getting married! Not taking our Mavic as 1. Not sure of Regulations there and 2. Generally a bit of hassle! Any views...
  2. livinginsin

    First Limited Range Test with Master Airscrew props

    For your bemusement, we present our first limited range test with the Master Airscrew props, and showcasing how much Las Vegas is growing. Oh, and yes, we lost connectivity during the flight and nearly pooed our pants!
  3. mikeGR

    Flying in SFO and LAS under section 336

    Hi fellow drone pilots, Visiting San Francisco and Las Vegas for a couple of days next week and taking my MP with me. I have registered my drone with FAA under section 336 (since I am a tourist) and downloaded the B4UFLY app to check where I can fly and where I can't . Well, it seems that all...
  4. G

    Palms Place 4K | Las Vegas, NV

    Subscribe to my youtube channel here Jeff B
  5. Coskier

    Red Rock Canyon, NV - First scenic flights and first edits of Mavic Air footage

    Learning how to fly and edit the video. Here's my first real attempt, outside of posting Asteroid shots and footage to Instagram straight out of the camera on my Mavic Air. FWIW, Red Rock Canyon is a great place to fly. Wish we'd had more time to spend there.
  6. G

    Red Rock Canyon 4K | Las Vegas, NV

  7. @idofuel

    Mavic Pro Video Clips Mashup

    just a few clips of some recent videos in my travels...enjoy
  8. P

    Brand new pilot from Vegas

    Just bought my Mavic yesterday. My first drone! Here from the heat of Vegas and don't think of getting a chance of flying it that much because of over 100-degree weather
  9. M

    Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon area

    Here are a few pictures from the Red Rock Canyon on the west side of Las Vegas. Mavic was about 700' up on the panoramic shot.