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late autumn

  1. WYN Air

    NH Autumn, First post

  2. Nicolas

    Promotional film for a caravan park and campsite

    Hi gurus! I just shot and edited this film for a caravan park and campsite in the UK. Any thoughts? :cool: Have a great weekend! Nicolas
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Autumn Ascension - epic aerial music video of fall in the Pacific Northwest.

    This video is the culmination of two months of work, about a dozen hours of cumulative flight time, over a week of editing, 3 rough drafts, and numerous re-shoots. The song is "Ascension" by Miracle of Sound, which I selected mid-way through the filming process, a selection which dramatically...
  4. RCSchim

    Best Aerial Shots I've captured so far

    Guys, check out my latest compilation. Tried to choose only the most epic shots from 5 sessions (1-3 flights each). These are my first 3 weeks with this drone. Full review will follow soon (think I tested most functions out soon - currently exploring Litchi more). Filmed mostly in 4k (first...