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  1. D

    Liability insurance claim

    Hello, Has anyone had a claim on AMA or other insurer liability insurance? I'm not asking about a claim to repair or replace your drone, rather a claim wherein your drone caused damage to person or property. If so, what was your experience with the claim? Were flight logs reviewed to be...
  2. Ace79

    Should my drone photography company buy general liability insurance?

    So, I just passed my FAA 107 this past Thursday (woohoo!) I am looking to use my Mavic Air for real estate photography just on the side. My big goal here is to minimize my overhead as much as possible because I really don't know how much money I'll make with it. I have a full time job, kids, a...
  3. A

    Public Liability Insurance (and general camera insurance)

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good company to go with for Worldwide public liability insurance and also insurance for my camera equipment. I'm travelling abroad with my DJI Mavic Pro and wanted to get some cover for it. I already have the DJI Care Refresh. Any...
  4. UAV Man

    Liability insurance?

    Okay who actually has insurance for smacking some poor groom or bride in the head while filming? If so let me know what sort of costs are involved and name the companies that offer such insurance. I realise some brides and grooms deserve a smack in the head sometimes but it would be nice to...