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  1. TheSnowyPilot


    Hello there, I was just wondering if any of the more experienced pilots lurking in these parts could offer some advice. I fly a Mavic Mini, and have been for quite a while now, and up until quite recently I was unaware you need a flyer ID to pilot one - Relatively unfortunate considered I was...
  2. FlyLikeMarv

    Clarification regarding FAA licensing..non-commercial

    Just a quick background, I've been a pilot since DJI phantom 3 came out. Went for an upgrade to mavic pro, actually I was one of the first wave that got the mavic when it got released last year. Basically I fly my UAS solely for recreation purpose only, non-commercial. I practice photography as...
  3. TheGameColonel

    Commercial Drone Licensing in USA

    Team, I am a 25 year pilot and hold multiple FAA aeronautical ratings. Part 107 is taken directly from the PPL test which leads me to believe that I do not have to obtain an additional sub-rating to operate a drone commercially. Your thoughts? I also read this from " Every drone...