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  1. Derlisz

    My most cinematic film yet. Durlston Castle and Anvil Point Lighthouse on Jurassic Coast, UK

    This was filmed using Mavic 2 Pro and an Osmo Pocket. Hand graded in FCPX. I thought it would be a good idea to add some sound effects of nature to a company this beautiful music. It's only my second attempt at adding sound effects and I'm really pleased with the result. I invite you all to...
  2. Decovision84

    A glimpse into Irelands landscape

    Good afternoon everyone, Winter is a great time to do a lot of editing because it can be so cold and miserable outside and it is so tiring trying keeping warm outside when you need yours fingers most. If anyone is thinking of coming to Ireland for a visit, remember to check out my video on...
  3. eric-sem

    Ferryland Lighthouse (Newfoundland) - Shot on Mavic Air

    Some shots of the lighthouse after a short hike up to it last Sunday.
  4. M

    Oregon Lighthouse

    This was a little tricky to video because the State Park won't let you fly over Heceta Head State park, but you can fly from the beach and over the water.
  5. Swing4TheRing

    The Little Tugboat that Could

    Watched this tugboat push a large barge out of the harbor... freshwater shipping at it's finest!
  6. Swing4TheRing

    Northern Michigan

    A little compilation of Northern Michigan's lower peninsula... just because... not my best footage as these were from earlier flights. So only watch if you're bored.
  7. Swing4TheRing

    Just Some Treasure Hunting

    My first official, full video with my Mavic on location. Any insight and tips would be appreciated. Skip to 0:30 if you want to get right to the opening drone sequence (other clips spliced in throughout), otherwise enjoy the treasure hunting! Cheers!
  8. Mfpullen

    Portland Head Lighthouse

    Just a quick video I put together from my visit to Portland Maine this week. Turned out to be a good test of wind tolerance while flying the Mavic. Wind speed as 18-25mph. Got bumpy a couple times but for the most part the Mavic handled everything like a charm. Video - MickeyPix Mick
  9. MikeC

    Alaskan Lighthouse

    Traveled to Eldred Rock Lighthouse and Eaglecrest Ski area near Juneau, Alaska this week. Took my Mavic with me of course.