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  1. ECI Air

    Air 2s Lorain Lighthouse at sunrise 08-06-2022

  2. Yaros

    Air 2 Lighthouse in Port Andratx, Mallorca

  3. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Aerial photo looking west @150ft from Lighthouse at Waukegan Harbor, IL

    Aerial photo looking west @150ft from Lighthouse at Waukegan Harbor, IL
  4. Patman Droneography

    2 Pro CLOSE Call with Seagulls!

    I want to hear/see your 'close calls'. It may have been 13 degrees F outside, but I WAS SWEATING! Just one little nudge and my M2P would have been lost to the freezing cold waters of Lake Michigan.
  5. M

    Mini 2 ✔ [DJI MINI 2] 4k Beautiful Lighthouse Farolim de Felgueiras in Porto Portugal - Longer version :)

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  6. macfawlty

    Air 2 Whalehead Club and Currituck Lighthouse, Corolla, NC

    Here’s a couple clips of the Whalehead Club, a historic hunting lodge from the turn of the century. This is part of the Historic Corolla Village in Corolla, NC in the Northern Beaches of the Outer Banks. It’s a wonderful place to visit with a variety of historic buildings including a church...
  7. A

    Air 2 Morning Sunrise. Hunting Light.

    Sunrise at Hunting Island Lighthouse.
  8. Julius Danziger

    Air 2s Chatham Lighthouse in Chatham Cape Cod

    Chatham Lighthouse, known as Twin Lights prior to 1923, is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts, near the "elbow" of Cape Cod. The original station, close to the shore, was built in 1808 with two wooden towers, which were both replaced in 1841. In 1877, two new towers, made of cast iron rings...
  9. Julius Danziger

    Air 2 The Lighthouse at Bonita Marin County California

    In Marin county there is this beautiful lighthouse.It still functions
  10. Julius Danziger

    Air 2 Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse

    Lighthouses are fascinating. Was visiting the Sandy Point State Park and saw this little old lighthouse from which is abut 1000 yds east of the beach.The Lighthouse was built in about 1883.Originally the lighthouse was located on shore in a poor in a poor place but later was transferred to it...
  11. dronertv

    Mini New Jersey Lighthouse

    This is the Great Beds Lighthouse in the Raritan Bay on the border of NJ and NY. It’s named for the oyster beds below. It sits about a mile out from shore. My little Mavic Mini kept losing the video feed out near the lighthouse that made it difficult to get some of the shots I wanted. But I was...
  12. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 Chicago Harbor Light

    Flew a little over a mile above the ice pack to shoot the Chicago Light as the sun set on a truly frigid winter day
  13. K-Castello

    Air 1 Nieuw Sluis Lighthouse

    A cast iron lighthouse on the coast at Breskens ....
  14. derby wharf light with wreath.jpg

    derby wharf light with wreath.jpg

    derby wharf light with a wreath
  15. Moths in The Sunshine Coast

    Moths in The Sunshine Coast

    Westcoast Canada's beautiful Sunshine Coast. A moth invasion, some world war 2 concrete ships and a cool 70 meter tower.
  16. 8EDDE7E9-9058-4C22-9AF7-15B76ABD7380.jpeg


    Talacre Lighthouse - North Wales UK
  17. V

    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Lighthouse

  18. Photo Bomber

    The Fort Gratiot lighthouse captured with my Mavic Air

  19. MikeC

    Lighthouse Sunrise

    Owls Head Lighthouse, Rockland, Maine this week. Mavic 2 Pro.
  20. Derlisz

    My most cinematic film yet. Durlston Castle and Anvil Point Lighthouse on Jurassic Coast, UK

    This was filmed using Mavic 2 Pro and an Osmo Pocket. Hand graded in FCPX. I thought it would be a good idea to add some sound effects of nature to a company this beautiful music. It's only my second attempt at adding sound effects and I'm really pleased with the result. I invite you all to...