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lightning cable

  1. P

    IPad Mini 4 Lightning Cable choice

    I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I jut got the iPad mini 4 for the Mavic and it is in an otterbox defender case. I am looking for recommendations on a lightning cable that will work with that case on. I also use it in a mav mount, so needs to be a slightly longer...
  2. Marc Wolf

    Anyone else.....

    Does anyone else have problems with the supplied Apple lightning cable? Only just got my Mavic and out of the box the cable doesnt work..... Taps foot in anoyance It's a small thing but now I can only fly with a standard (albeit very short) lightnig cable sticking out of the side, If it is just...
  3. K

    USB cable - the ultimate solution :-)

    I have (had, a while ago) a good deal of experience designing electronics and talking to Chinese factories. But it never ceases to amaze me how expensive is something stupid when produced as a single item. "The USB cable for the price of Mavic" (tm) (well, not exactly, but catchy phrase)...
  4. L

    Lightning Cable issue.

    Just received my MavicPro and the Lightning cable is not working with my Iphone. It works when use my cable connecting directly with USB port on the Control. Any experience to share on how to face on this issue? Many thanks.
  5. junyong

    Mavic Pro RC Cable Swap

    Post deleted.