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  1. hagman23

    Mini 3 Lightning | Mini 3 Pro

    These are two frame grabs from my Mini 3 Pro of some lightning.
  2. Gerrit Rainmain

    3 lightning between the clouds

    Mavic 3 , My first successful pictures of lightning :) Location: Belgium
  3. Coskier

    3 Lightning approaching

    Heard thunder last Friday, so I went outside to see if there was any lightning worth trying to get a pic of. Was one of the most active electrical storms I had seen here for some time. Put the drone up for about 10 mins while the storm was still quite a ways off, and just shot a lot in burst...
  4. Zonglee

    3 In the sunset glow, 500 meters high, Mavic 3 UAV catches lightning.

    In the sunset glow, 500 meters high, Mavic 3 UAV catches lightning. 晚霞中 御3捕捉闪电
  5. BigglesPippa

    Mini 2 Mini 2 - Sunset and Lightning all in one!

    What an amazing evening this was! There was a vibrant sunset but also a lightning storm. I grabbed my DJI Mini 2 drone and flew! I wasn't sure how the footage would turn out but was pleasantly surprised when I viewed it. I've added sound effects to help highlight the contrast between the sunset...
  6. VenomXts

    Air 2 Multi-Tier Lighting Tonight

    Too far away so it's a bit blow out... I really want to be able to get more light in a bigger sensor camera in the future... I love the air2 but it sucks at night in most cases for this. Shot in 4k 60 fs and ripped still.
  7. cgmaxed

    Air 2s 5 Amazing Night Lightning Photos. Taken with the Air2S.

    There was this constant lightning storm over the ocean nearby my house. So I just took the Air2S up and started taking 1 second exposure shots of the lightning storm, over and over and over. These are a few shots I got. Then I cleaned up. Click on them to get the full effect. I'm amazed with how...
  8. iaincaradoc

    First Lightning via Mavic Air 2

    I'm going to need some more practice with this. I'm *very* used to shooting stills with my Nikon gear, and this is a whole new world for me.
  9. L

    Shooting lightning

    I live in an area where I have a poor view of the sky from inside my house because of high trees, lots of telephone poles and power lines and I'd like to use my M2P to get some thunderstorm lightning shots. Last night I drove to an empty church parking lot and started filming from a height of...
  10. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Flying with Lightning - drone in a thunderstorm!

    Massive arching bolts of electricity explode across the heavens and illuminate the boiling clouds like giant atmospheric jelly fish. Thunder splits the sky and reverberates across the cowering landscape below as the storm surges overhead. Such weather is hardly commonplace here in the calm...