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    Hello from Lisbon (Anybody have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow??)

    Hey everyone, I know this might be a long shot but anybody around have a Mavic 2 Battery charger I can borrow and charge up in Lisbon? I'm here for another day and I left my charger in Porto in the hotel like an idiot and running low on juice. For some reason all of the DJI stores in Portugal...
  2. F

    Lost drone in Lisbon/Lisboa/Portugal

    Hi there I really need some help from drone owners in Lisbon/Portugal. I was visiting Lisbon for the long weekend with my wife and managed to get my drone in LITERALLY the last 30min of my trip. It lost GPS in the Alfama and landed on top of one of the small buildings there. Unfortunately, I...
  3. C

    Greating from Portugal

    Hello to all! Another proud owner of a Mavic! I bought my Mavic yesterday and after all calibrations, today I did my first flight. Since I live near the airport I'm having problems with the NFZ... bah! Need to find how to get around this issue... Meanwhile, if there are any Portuguese here...