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  1. Aerial-Pixel

    Finally Litchi For the Mavic Air!

    For those of you that haven't seen, Litchi is now compatible with the Mavic Air. I updated it on my CrystalSky and went out in the back yard for some tests. Both waypoints and Pano mode worked awesome! Finally waypoints on the Air!
  2. K

    Litchi: AEB+PANO

    Cannot find anywhere if Litchi is supporting AEB when shooting panoramas in Pano mode. Also what is maximum number of shots for AEB? Only 3? I was trying HDR pano with DJI Go app and it was very time demanding when up in the air especially with storm approaching. It took me almost 5 minutes for...
  3. M

    Good VR headset for Iphone 7 and Litchi

    Any ideas for a good VR headset that works with Iphone 7 and Litchi? Should have "see through" so I can use the Iphone camera. I also have some poor eyesight so adjustable optics would be good. Have looked at Homido V2 , anyone tried those? Or any other headset that is good?