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live stream

  1. K

    Live Stream on a LCD Screen

    Does anyone know how to use the Mavic Pro (or any other drone) to live stream an event on an LCD screen? What kind of setup is needed? Can it be done with an HDMI cable? I need to get answers quickly and I would appreciate all of the answers/comments.
  2. mikey201

    Live Stream Very Choppy and Laggy HELP

    so tried Live Streaming with youtube in the dji app and i go to watch it on my youtube and its extremly choppy! with audio messed up how can i fix . check it out for yourself
  3. f00f

    Live streaming... terrible? Useless?

    Forgive the noob queries here as I've only been flying for a couple of weeks, and indeed the general consensus on the interwebs at large is that live streaming with DJI GO 4 on a MP or otherwise is simply atrocious. But I didn't think it would be THIS bad. Good lord. I was just outside my...
  4. D

    Mavic Disappeared. Fly Away Unit!!! Input needed

    Unfortunately I lost my Mavic within less than 5 hours of owning it. Im currently still under going discussion with DJI in regards of replacing the drone. The incident happened during a live FB stream and luckily I have video proof and all flight data which I will provide as well. Any insight...
  5. Member

    Obstacle course

  6. DesertWindAero

    Live streaming to multiple devices?

    Does anyone know if the Mavic will be able to stream live video to multiple devices? For example, the GoPro broadcasts on its own WiFi signal, so other devices in the area can tune in to that WiFi signal (with a password). Can the Mavic do the same?